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Hunter Xci Polyiso Wall Insulation

Hunter XCI Polyiso wall insulation is your solution for high R value and full code approvals for NFPA 285.


  • Higher R value per inch for more leasable space
  • Over 80 wall assemblies utilizing almost all popular cladding materials and common air barriers
  • More NFPA-compliant assemblies than other manufacturers
  • Nailable surface (Xci Ply) allowing rainscreen cladding installation without interruption to continuous insulation (CI)
  • Meet/exceed all industry tests, standards and compliances
  • Contributes to LEED certification
  • HCFC and CFC free, zero ODP, and negligible GWP

XCI-Ply has a nailable surface to accept rainscreen cladding and no interruption of CI. Friendlier to the environment as per EPD’s.

Hamel Hall Renovation

  • Hunter Xci Ply, thermal rigid insulation offered Hamel Hall the highest R-value per inch of any foam plastic board insulation
  • Provided dimensional stability and fire performance
  • NFPA Compliance with numerous assemblies
  • Installed directly on steel studs


Hunter Xci polyiso products:

Hunter Xci Class A

Can provide 3 in 1 thermal air/water barrier solution, numerous NFPA 285 compliant assemblies

Hunter Xci Foil

Ideal for masonry walls, reflective facing may provide opportunity for added r-value in some applications per ASHRAE.

Hunter Xci CG

Durable coated glass mat faced continuous insulation for exterior walls

Hunter Xci Ply

hunter xci ply
High thermal rigid insulation panel, offering a superior combination of high insulating properties and mechanically attachable surface

Hunter Xci 286

xci 286
Verstile CI product for wall or ceiling applications, passes NFPA 286 for interior exposed use without a thermal barrier in walls or ceilings

Hunter Xci NB

High thermal rigid insulation panel, nailable surface

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UNH Hamel Rec Center

Over 20,000 sq.ft. of WrapShield SA Self Adhered Water Resistive Vapor Permeable Air Barrier Sheet Membrane was installed over Hunter Xci Ply on the renovation of the Hamel Recreation Center on the campus of University of New Hampshire.


Sutton Middle/High School

Sutton Middle/High School is located on a 63.74-acre public school campus in rural Sutton, MA. The school's primary goal for its renovation and addition was to create new space for separate academic areas and address extensive damage in the existing infrastructure; specifically, in regards to envelope failure and lack of exterior protection.