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ARCHITECT: Flansburgh Architects

PRODUCTS: Hunter Xci Ply, VaproShield RevealShield IT, Fundermax Max Exterior

Sutton Middle/High School is located on a 63.74-acre public school campus in rural Sutton, MA. The school's primary goal for its renovation and addition was to create new space for separate academic areas and address extensive damage in the existing infrastructure; specifically, in regards to envelope failure and lack of exterior protection.

To address these issues in an economical and eco-conscious way, Flansburgh Architects went to RTS to supply their complete building envelope system.  Architects first chose Hunter Xci PLY to provide continuous insulation within the building envelope. Structural insulation in one piece allowed for faster installation, less pieces handled, and a thinner wall cavity; most importantly, it assisted in meeting the most current ASHRAE 90.1, IECC, IBC and IRC standards.

To further reinforce the building envelope and earn LEED points in the process, RevealShield IT was chosen as the air-barrier membrane. RevealShield IT offered exceptional UV stability, single layer installation and could be installed in New England weather. Exclusively designed for open-joint panels, RevealShield IT was also the ideal complement to Fundermax Max Exterior panels. Fundermax panels offered the greatest degree of creativity in fire-resistant material and they could stand up to even the most adverse weather and environmental influences—skillfully combining the required safety with style.

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