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USG Securock Roofing Solutions

No matter what the application, the high-performance portfolio of USG roofing solutions gives you a better choice in the roof board category.

  • Exceptional bond and low absorption in adhered systems
  • Moisture and mold resistance
  • Manufactured from recycled material
  • Fire resistant for use as a fire barrier and thermal barrier
  • Easy to clean and fasten
  • Fast and easy installation: circular saw for cutting, screws for fastening
  • Lightest cement board in the industry
  • Superior uplift ratings

Case Study: Crissy Field Environmental Center

  • Crissy Field Environmental Center used Securock gypsum-fiber roof board manufactured from a combination of synthetic gypsum and cellulose fibers
  • Synthetic gypsum is an environmentally friendly byproduct from electrical plants and is indistinguishable from natural mined gypsum rock in performance and quality
  • USG uses what previously was landfill waste and turned it into a useful product
  • Securock gypsum-fiber roof board is 95 percent recycled content has earned it a Green Cross certification from Scientific Certification Systems
  • USG Securock products contributed to sustainable design


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Employs advanced technology in delivering an exceptionally strong, high-performance roof board for use in low-slope commercial roofing systems. Easy to cut, handle and install, high-performance glass-mat roof boards that are resistant to fire, mold and mildew. Designed to enhance the entire roofing system as a cover, fire and thermal barrier roof board, as well as a parapet wall, these boards are high-performing and non-combustible. High-performance structural panel and the only one UL Certified for noncombusibility