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Envel – Ultra-High Performance Concrete

Break free from the confines of traditional façade materials with Envel™ ultra-high performance concrete. Made with proven Ductal® technology, Envel gives you the opportunity to design beyond the limitations of conventional façade materials. Unlimited shapes, colors, textures and patterns provide unmatched versatility and flexibility—and the chance to unleash remarkable possibilities in façade design.

Ductal Concrete Characteristics:

  • Less permeable than standard concrete
  • More abrasion resistant
  • 3-4 times more durable than traditional concrete
  • Able to cast fine detail
  • Exceptionally strong, up to 10x greater than concrete
  • Cast in thin sheets and complex shapes for use as cladding

Non-Combustible and Highly Versatile

Envel’s extreme flexibility and versatility make it possible to create complex forms never before thought possible. From intricate geometric shapes and patterns to vibrant color palettes, Envel stretches the perspective of what is possible in façade design. No matter what shape, texture or pattern you desire, you can create it with Envel.



Simple Installation Systems

Install Envel over traditional wall construction, like concrete, block, stud walls and continuous insulation systems

Hidden Fastening—Using an undercut anchor, fasteners are hidden and install with a fast, adhesive-free process.

Face Fastening—Panels are installed with screws or rivets, and fasteners are left exposed. All panels are pre-drilled for ease of anchor, screw or rivet installation.

ri office5

Office Building in Rhode Island

IMG 4719

VA Hospital Building 35 




Envel Face Fastening

Envel Hidden Fastening