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High Performance Insulated Solutions for Building Envelope

Discover Our Insulated Metal Panel Line

Thanks to intelligent and versatile state-of-the-art technology, continuous panels offer integrated, durable and aesthetically pleasing solutions for building construction. The formability of Insulated Metal Panels (IMPs) allows them to follow the shape of the building while preserving the coherence of the design. They are the most cost-effective cladding solution while meeting and even exceeding building code requirements.

Why Choose Architectural Panels?

Insulated Metal Panels (IMPs) offer multiple advantages such as superior insulation and increased longevity while leaving room for creativity during the design phase. Norbec’s continuous panels are suitable for many sectors of activity, both outdoors and indoors, and are available in a wide range of colours and finishes.

The speed and ease of installation of IMPs have greatly contributed to their growing popularity in the building construction industry. While traditional constructions require up to eleven steps, resulting in a slower and more irregular installation, architectural panels are lightweight and can be installed in one quick step upon delivery.

Textured Steel for an Unique look

Insulated metal panels are available in different textures allowing the creation of interesting contrasts. Once you have chosen the colors for the steel sheets, select a specific geometric pattern and/or add an embossed finish to them.


  • Silkline (striated): Provides better rigidity to the steel and makes it possible to manufacture longer panels, especially in dark colours.
  • Micro Ribbed: Offers rigidity to the steel while providing the aesthetic look that comes close to a smooth finish without profile.
  • Fluted (17 lines): Ideal profile for heavy industrial application. Please note that this option is only available for Norex insulated panels.
  • No Profile: You can also choose not to have the steel profiled.

Smooth and No Profile Combination

Try for a smooth and no profile coating to recreate the look of aluminium panels. Not only do you get the glance you want from aluminum, but you also get superior insulation at a lower cost. Insulated metal panels become a very economical solution for large area projects compared to constructions made of aluminum or aluminum composite panels.

We accompany you through the selection process for a final choice that suits your particular needs.

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