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Alcotex Aluminum Composite Panels

Alcotex is the premier choice for Aluminum Composite Material (ACM). First introduced into the North American market in 2001, Alcotex has been used extensively throughout North America.

Alcotex offer a standard polyethylene (PE) and fire-rated (FR) core material, with all product testing being performed at fully accredited North American testing facilities. Their production facility is ISO 9001 certified and they have an uncompromising dedication to quality.

With over 30 stock colors to choose from, any owner or architect has creative freedom when selecting a color for their project. Alcotex also offers custom color-matching services to give your project a distinct look.

Material Components:

  1. Top layer of Polyvinylidene fluoride (PFdF) coating containing a minimum of 70% KYNAR 500®/HYLAR 5000®resins
  2. Protective Primer coat for maximum long-term use
  3. Pre-treatment to ensure ideal application and lasting color impact
  4. Light and exceptionally strong Aluminum base

Quality, Versatility and Durability

Alcotex and Alcotex/FR Aluminum Composite Material is an innovative choice of exterior cladding that maximizes the beauty of structures, while offering the sustainability needed to maximize its longevity. This material quality, versatility and durability have secured their status as a top choice for architects throughout the country.