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Quiet, Safe, Timeless

St. Cloud Window designs and manufactures a complete line of aluminum windows, sliding glass doors, terrace doors, and acoustically rated curtain wall for commercial buildings of distinction, where aesthetics and advanced performance are critical considerations.

Acoustic Aluminum Windows

We live in a noisy world with traffic, machinery, electronics and more. Noise pollution is rampant. The good news is we have the solutions to keep the noise in its place.

Products manufactured by Saint Cloud Window are specifically designed and engineered to block sound from the busy outside world, delivering peaceful, calm interior spaces, providing the luxury of quiet. All of our products are engineered and laboratory-certified for acoustic performance so you can be prepared for any condition, function or application.
When your design calls for specific acoustic attenuation — be it hospitality, education, medical, residential or other — our experts can help you specify and detail the design components necessary to meet your most demanding STC/OITC performance requirements. 

Historic Aluminum Windows and Doors


St. Cloud Window’s historic narrow-line fixed and projecting windows have received approval by the U. S. Department of Interior, National Parks Service, as a steel replication window matching historic sightlines and dimensions. This is an absolute must for any project seeking tax credit for historic renovation.

St. Cloud Window and RTS will work with you to ensure the historic features of your building are reflected in the form of modern materials delivering high performance.  St. Cloud Window manufactures an extensive catalog of products that are designed to be historically accurate and replicate the features of landmark properties where strict attention to detail is imperative.

Additional Applications to Inspire

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