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Carlisle Water & Ice Protection (WIP®) self-adhering roofing underlayments are designed to provide premium waterproofing protection for a variety of roofing and waterproofing applications.

WIP underlayments offer excellent protection against water and ice damming while withstanding some of nature's most unfavorable weather conditions. The self-adhering qualities of WIP underlayments reduce labor costs and installation times while providing increased protection compared to that of typical felt roofing underlayments.


EZ-Flash is a cold-applied system that offers firm adhesion and easy application, and can be installed on any window or door. EZ-Flash is manufactured with a self-adhering and rubberized asphalt membrane, which is then laminated to a two-mil high-density polyethylene film. It is resistant to mechanical damage and creates a continuous seal around fasteners, providing supreme waterproofing protection throughout construction. EZ-Flash can be installed on concrete, masonry, gypsum, steel and wood substrates.

Case Study: Cabela’s Retail Store, Connecticut

The store is outfitted with a combination of flat roofs and trademark green, standing-seam metal, steep-slope rooftops, mansards and dormers common to virtually every Cabela’s retail outlet. Due to the extreme temperatures experienced underneath metal rooftops, a specialized, heat-resistant underlayment was required beneath the panels.

“We have been installing Carlisle’s WIP line of self-adhesive underlayments for nearly a decade, so we are familiar with them and we are confident in their performance,” commented Tom Brunetti, steep-slope roofing project manager for R&S Construction.

WIP 100
  • Granular, skid-resistant surface for safe & easy installation
  • Allows up to 30 days exposure time
WIP 250
  • Withstands temperatures of up to 250°F without degradation of adhesive
  • Allows up to 90 days exposure time
WIP 300ht
  • Ideal for use under metal roofs, synthetic, concrete & clay tiles and asphalt shingles, withstands temperatures up to 250°F
  • Available in white and black membrane; black allows 60 days exposure time, white allows 120 days exposure time
WIP 400
  • Specification-grade underlayment
  • Allows up to 60 days exposure time
  • Ideal for low-temperature applications where ambient temperature is between 30°F and 70°F
  • Allows up to 60 days exposure time

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