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High Performance Exterior Wall Panel Design and Manufacturing

NexGen Metal Design Systems is a Pittsburgh-based producer of high-performance architectural panel systems for the building enclosure.  They offer their partners and architectural clients the trust of a family-owned company that has been fabricating metal panels and sheet metal for over 60 years.


Advanced Technology

NEXGEN relies on state-of-the-art design software, 3D scanning, and CNC equipment to meet their clients’ schedules, deliver the best products within budget, and exceed their overall expectations.  The expertise of their staff combined with the best tools in the industry allow them to deliver precise and economical “out-of-the box” solutions for the building façade. 

Engineered Solutions. Quality Products. Open Communication.


 The NEXGEN team of industry professionals has extensive backgrounds in architectural panel design, fabrication, installation, and project management.  From the rooftop to the walls, they understand the building enclosure, supply chain, and construction process.  Their high-quality services and products are inseparably linked to our highly skilled and experienced employees.

Additional Applications to Inspire

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