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Our expertise and research in materials, perforating and expanding since 1931 has allowed us to successfully develop the most complex and demanding products for architecture. We work together with the architect, the builder and the installer to achieve mechanical and energy efficiency in the design of perforated and expanded double skin cladding for buildings. With technical solutions in architectural applications and projects with perforated sheet or expanded metal cladding. Unique answers to your needs

Specialised engineering

  • Solutions that contribute to making buildings more energy-efficient.
  • Minimum weight with maximum mechanical resistance
  • Study and selection of the most suitable materials

4 cost-effective advantages of IMAR metal façades

  • IMAR metal cladding solutions allow you to regulate the transparency of a building through various choices in perforation diameter and density, thereby controlling solar incidence and maintaining interior temperature at comfortable levels.
  • The IMAR team advises you on how to improve the energy savings of your building depending on your location and chosen solution.
  • The most polished finishes in our range offer a self-cleaning effect, for minimal façade maintenance.
  • IMAR offers large sizes, up to 6 meters, to save you time and lower installation costs.

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The Limit Is Your Imagination.

Expanded metal, expanded mesh or better known as "deployé", its a solution that is made thanks to a metal cutting and stretching process. The result is a mesh with diamond-shaped spaces and other types of patterns. The difference between the multitude solutions will depend on the open area, that is obtained with the combination between the width of the cut, the stretch that is requested and the thickness of the rib of the material.

Deployé can be mixed with other processes like perforation or bending to achieve unique architectural results such as the Midtown Car Park, designed by the London based studio Lovelock Mitchell, where two types of mesh are overlapped creating amazing images on its facade.

ImarSA Parking Gibraltar 6