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ARCHITECT: T2 Architecture
LOCATION: New Bedford, MA

PRODUCTS: Envel UHPC (Ultra-High Performance Concrete) panels, VaproShield Revealshield IT Integrated Tape

Over 60,000 sq. ft. of RevealShield IT Integrated Tape was installed in the construction of the Irwin M. Jacobs Elementary School in New Bedford, MA. The new and complex build would involve two different building envelope solutions—with versatile RevealShield IT Integrated Tape utilized in both.

The primary building envelope consisted of gypsum sheathing, a vapor barrier, and mineral wool insulation wrapped in RevealShield IT Integrated Tape. To finish the exterior, RTS utilized ultra-high- performance concrete panels (UHPC) in Granite Peak and Silver falls.

A second building envelope design consisted of plywood sheathing, RevealShield IT, and various facade textures—light blast and Flamed 5.75” planks—to add dimension. Supplied with products that offer ease of installation, thermal efficiency, and LEED credits, Irwin M. Jacobs Elementary School has all the necessary design features for a truly sustainable learning institution.

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