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Welcome to Roof Tech Sales, a manufacturer’s representative firm serving New England. We specialize in high performance building enclosure solutions, including: air barriers, support framing, rain screen cladding and roofing.

Freedom Without Limits

Swisspearl combines boundless freedom of design with long-lasting functionality. Installed with the ultimate technology of uninterrupted rear ventilation, Swisspearl cladding systems effectively shield from the elements for decades to come. Rot-resistant, incombustible and virtually maintenance free—Swisspearl offers proven quality.

Striking Facades

A stunning Fundermax façade system adorns the Beaver Country Day School Arts Center. The new-build incorporates a high-performance building envelope solution protected by NFPA-tested Fundermax panels supplied by Roof Tech Sales.


Strongwell’s STRONGIRT is the ideal continuous insulation (CI) cladding attachment support system. This all-FRP (fiberglass) pultruded composite uses a custom fire-retardant resin system and unique laminate design to offer superior pull out strength, excellent thermal efficiency, and the ability to work with any non-proprietary insulation (no routing or fabricating of rigid insulation is required).

The geometry of STRONGIRT offers self-draining to clear rainwater, and weep holes can be pre-fabricated or added in the field for additional drainage needs. The product has been engineered for strength and stiffness to support cladding, insulation, and wind loads, while offering a simple, durable, cost effective solution for installers.

High Performance Exterior Wall Panel Design and Manufacturing

NexGen Metal Design Systems is a Pittsburgh-based producer of high-performance architectural panel systems for the building enclosure.  They offer their partners and architectural clients the trust of a family-owned company that has been fabricating metal panels and sheet metal for over 60 years.


Alcotex Aluminum Composite Panels

Alcotex is the premier choice for Aluminum Composite Material (ACM). First introduced into the North American market in 2001, Alcotex has been used extensively throughout North America.

Alcotex offer a standard polyethylene (PE) and fire-rated (FR) core material, with all product testing being performed at fully accredited North American testing facilities. Their production facility is ISO 9001 certified and they have an uncompromising dedication to quality.

With over 30 stock colors to choose from, any owner or architect has creative freedom when selecting a color for their project. Alcotex also offers custom color-matching services to give your project a distinct look.

Material Components:

  1. Top layer of Polyvinylidene fluoride (PFdF) coating containing a minimum of 70% KYNAR 500®/HYLAR 5000®resins
  2. Protective Primer coat for maximum long-term use
  3. Pre-treatment to ensure ideal application and lasting color impact
  4. Light and exceptionally strong Aluminum base

Quiet, Safe, Timeless

St. Cloud Window designs and manufactures a complete line of aluminum windows, sliding glass doors, terrace doors, and acoustically rated curtain wall for commercial buildings of distinction, where aesthetics and advanced performance are critical considerations.

Envel – Ultra-High Performance Concrete

Break free from the confines of traditional façade materials with Envel™ ultra-high performance concrete. Made with proven Ductal® technology, Envel gives you the opportunity to design beyond the limitations of conventional façade materials. Unlimited shapes, colors, textures and patterns provide unmatched versatility and flexibility—and the chance to unleash remarkable possibilities in façade design.

Ductal Concrete Characteristics:

  • Less permeable than standard concrete
  • More abrasion resistant
  • 3-4 times more durable than traditional concrete
  • Able to cast fine detail
  • Exceptionally strong, up to 10x greater than concrete
  • Cast in thin sheets and complex shapes for use as cladding