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NCore (m.look) by Fundermax

NCore (m.look) by FunderMax is a phenolic panel with a unique core property; it is non-combustible and not a trigger for NFPA 285 testing*

NCore (m.look) offers the greatest degree of freedom and creativity available in noncombustible facade materials--resulting in architecturally limitless ideas.

NCore (m.look) can endure even the most severe environmental conditions, as its phenolic and mineral reinforced resin panel is engineered to integrate style and safety. 

*The NFPA 285 test may be required of other wall components such as foam insulation or air/vapor barrier

Safety and Style Integrated

  • Wood Construction, Types 3a and 3B acceptable for unlimited height
  • Suitable for construction types 1-5
  • Drained and back-ventilated facades

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Benefits and Features