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Welcome to Roof Tech Sales, a manufacturer’s representative firm serving New England. We specialize in high performance building enclosure solutions, including: air barriers, support framing, rain screen cladding and roofing.

Freedom Without Limits

Swisspearl combines boundless freedom of design with long-lasting functionality. Installed with the ultimate technology of uninterrupted rear ventilation, Swisspearl cladding systems effectively shield from the elements for decades to come. Rot-resistant, incombustible and virtually maintenance free—Swisspearl offers proven quality.

Striking Facades

A stunning Fundermax façade system adorns the Beaver Country Day School Arts Center. The new-build incorporates a high-performance building envelope solution protected by NFPA-tested Fundermax panels supplied by Roof Tech Sales.

Roof Tech Sales supplied SCW 3000 Series windows; including 118 fixed frame and 100 projecting outswing awning windows, on the Graphic Lofts--a  former 100-year-old print manufacturing facility turned modern apartment building. The renovation of the existing masonry structure includes loft-style apartments featuring tall ceilings and large (8.5′ tall) windows for maximum daylight, as well as street retail space.

GENERAL CONTRACTOR: Tocci Building Companies
OWNER: Berkeley Investments Inc.

ARCHITECT: ICON Architecture, Inc.
SCW 3000 Series windows by St. Cloud Windows

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