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Welcome to Roof Tech Sales, a manufacturer’s representative firm serving New England. We specialize in high performance building enclosure solutions, including: air barriers, support framing, rain screen cladding and roofing.

Freedom Without Limits

Swisspearl combines boundless freedom of design with long-lasting functionality. Installed with the ultimate technology of uninterrupted rear ventilation, Swisspearl cladding systems effectively shield from the elements for decades to come. Rot-resistant, incombustible and virtually maintenance free—Swisspearl offers proven quality.

Striking Facades

A stunning Fundermax façade system adorns the Beaver Country Day School Arts Center. The new-build incorporates a high-performance building envelope solution protected by NFPA-tested Fundermax panels supplied by Roof Tech Sales.

Roof Tech Sales supplied over 552 SCW3000 Series fixed frame windows on the recently renovated Building 19 of STCC’s vibrant new Student Learning Commons. St. Cloud Window worked closely with the RTS, the architect, the National Park Service, and the Massachusetts Historical Commission on the development of Building 19’s fenestration, which comprises nearly 50% of the façade, to enclose the building while providing natural daylight and views. 

LOCATION: Springfield, MA
GENERAL CONTRACTOR: Consigli Construction
INSTALLER: A & A Window Products

ARCHITECT: Ann Beha Architects
SCW3000 Series fixed frame windows by St. Cloud Window

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