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PRODUCTS: Parklex Exterior Facades in Smooth Gold Finish and Parklex Wet Internal Cladding in Gold

Acting as a gateway to the Hillside District, the new $42 million, 429-bed Hillside Hall by LLB Architects is a dynamic new model for residential housing at the University of Rhode Island. LLB Architects integrated exterior Parklex Facades in Smooth Gold Finish within a rigorously designed and engineered building envelope, utilizing maximum insulation and materials chosen for high recycled content obtained regionally.

The surface composition of Parklex Facades protects against adverse weather conditions, eliminating the need for any maintenance or treatment. The choice of a ventilated façade by Parklex ensures permeability, water protection, thermal insulation, solar and acoustic protection for the lifetime of the building.  

For the interior, designers chose Parklex Wet Internal Cladding in Gold. Due to its resistance and hardness, Wet Internal was the ideal choice of natural wood cladding for interior walls and ceilings in a high traffic area such as a learning institution. Dry Internal Parklex has the best possible results for organic material in accordance with European regulation EN 13.501 for reaction to fire. Slated for LEED Gold, the project is setting new standards for environmentally friendly residence hall construction.

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