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PRODUCTS: VaproShield WallShield® Water Resistive Membrane

Located 3,000 ft. from Nantasket Beach in Hull, Massachusetts, Seawatch Condominiums owners were dealing with an aging building that was succumbing to wind, moisture intrusion and a failed façade. Built in the 1980's, the EIFS* was cracked and leaking. To improve the overall performance and aesthetics of the building, the owners decided to re-clad the building and utilize rainscreen design technology.

Rainscreen design is an alternative and superior method of building envelope construction that prevents the damaging effects of moisture intrusion and entrapment. The strength of the technology is the use of a breathable building membrane. WallShield IT Integrated Tape, with its unmatched water holdout properties and its breathability, was a perfect fit for the project. Throughout the refurbishment, the residents needed to remain in their units. WallShield IT contains no harmful ingredients or VOC’S, making resident occupation during construction possible. Upon installation of 30,000 square feet of WallShield®, the building was secure, residents remained safe within, insulation was added and the future performance of the building was ensured for years to come.

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WallShield® is a Weather Resistive Vapor and Air Permeable Membrane. Its unique construction allows moisture to filter through to the exterior of the building during and after construction and occupancy.