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ARCHITECT: Cambridge Seven Associates, Inc.

PRODUCTS: Parklex Exterior Facades

Inspired by Boston's revolutionary spirit, The Revere Hotel Boston pays reverence to the city's rich history and storied past while embracing a modern edge and reveling in the non-traditional. The vision for The Revere hotel was meticulously orchestrated by world-renowned C7A.

C7A created a fresh new look for the building’s dated concrete exterior that would usher its transition into the new independent hotel known as ‘Revere Boston.’ C7A designed "the ribbon”— a warm and playful architectural element using Parklex Exterior Façade in Smooth Ambar finish— which wraps around and highlights entry points of the building. The rebranding effort also included general decorative Parklex wood cladding on the overall exterior of the building.

The surface composition of Parklex Facades protects against adverse weather conditions, eliminating the need for any maintenance or treatment.

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