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ARCHITECT: Id3a Architecture

PRODUCTS: Fundermax panels: Max Exterior | F-Quality

The first STEM School in northeast Connecticut, Charles H. Barrows STEM Academy is one of a kind in its approach to educational design. Architects went to RTS to supply the project with exterior panels that would highlight the innovation happening within. In this case, FunderMax panels were a perfect choice to add character and style.

As a nod to the Mill history of Windham, stone was featured on the exterior. The rustic natural material beautifully contrasted the ultra-modern FunderMax panels in Afro Saraha and Akro Ruby. The combination of the historic mill elements with the colorful and contemporary FunderMax Exterior Panels created a cohesive modern aesthetic. Beyond the stylistic value, FunderMax Exterior Panels functioned as part of a high-quality exterior wall cladding system. Designed to withstand the elements, the unique rainscreen facade featured a double hardened acrylic surface which created a powerful weather protective and fade resistant coating that would protect the Academy for decades to come.

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