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Our interior range for walls and ceilings offers three main categories of technical natural wood panels, all of which require no specific maintenance apart from normal cleaning.

Dry Internal is designed for environments subject to high levels of traffic and abrasion, such as museums, offices, hotels or
institutional buildings.

Wet Internal is highly water resistant, perfect for installing in moisture rich environments such as bathrooms, gyms, saunas and swimming pools.

Acoustic is for projects that require specific sound absorption characteristics, such as convention halls, auditoriums, lecture halls and theatres.

No Maintenance

The surface composition of Parklex products is suitable for high traffic areas, eliminating the need for any maintenance or treatment and making it absolutely easy to clean.

Reaction to Fire

Parklex reports very good results for organic materials in accordance with European regulations EN 13.501-1 for reaction to fire. (B-s2,d0)

Scratch Resistance – Grade 3

The whole Walls and Ceilings range of products has obtained Grade 3 in scratch resistance tests according to EN 438-2 Part 25 regulation



Parklex Product Offering:

Walls and Ceilings

interiorwebWalls and Ceilings – natural wood for interior cladding
Dry Internal - Interior cladding for dry zones
Wet Internal – Interior cladding for wet zones
Acoustic – Interior cladding for acoustic treatment


floorswebaFloors – Composite flooring for interiors and exteriors
Block Tek – high density composite decking
Hy Tek – Natural wood composite flooring for interiors


skinwebaSkin – natural wood skin for interiors and exteriors
Skin is a thin cladding of high-density stratified natural wood for interiors, exteriors and flooring. Its low thickness makes it flexible and allows for application on doors, columns, furniture and raised flooring.