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Parklex beautiful wood panel solutions can be used on a variety of applications: ventilated facades, high traffic floors, walls and ceilings, acoustic spaces or decking for terraces and swimming pools.

Since 1966, Parklex has been using wood as raw material. The experience accumulated over the years has granted us a deep understanding of the material for its optimum application in architecture. The surface composition of Parklex products protects the surface of natural wood against adverse weather conditions, eliminating the need for any maintenance or treatment.

Revere Hotel – Emerald Lounge

The unique Boston Common hotel offers the warmth of home in an eclectic setting. The Emerald Lounge – heralded “the Best of Boston Lounges” - is adorned with Parklex Panels transforming the exterior into a rich, sophisticated façade. The expansive outdoor seating area is surrounded by Parklex panels on the lower and upper areas, giving visitors an exotic hideaway in the middle of bustling Boston.



Parklex Product Offering:


parklex23URI Hillside Hall's facade is a high-density stratified wood board for facade cladding. It can be installed as ventilated facade, as louvres or overlapping slats, on suspended ceilings and on curved walls.

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Fairchild Wheeler School features Parklex Exterior Facade in Rubi.