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Made of natural raw materials, Ceramic5 porcelain-grade ceramic rainscreen panels are through-body colored, light-weight and economical. Pollution resistant and maintenance-free, Ceramic5 offers an elegant, high-performance rainscreen solution at an exceptional value.

Cladding Corp is the nation’s leading provider of exterior ceramic rainscreen cladding and offers fully engineered concealed or visible mounting systems.

Ceramic5 Benefits

  • An economic, high-performance rainscreen assembly
  • Pollutant resistant panels – ideal for high-traffic environments
  • Unalterable colors that are not affected by light or weathering


Products Include

Metallic Collection

Metallics ML02
The Metallic Collection serves as a creative reinterpretation of the patinas and textures of metal.

Solid Collection

Solid TR04
The Solid Collection serves as an intelligent reinterpretation of common cement in a refined and modern palette of colors.

Petra Collection

Petra QR02
The Petra Collection gives you the look of stone but with all of the advantage of a ceramic tile. The 100% natural product has beautiful random veining.

Timber Collection

Timber NA01
The Timber Collection provides the organic appearance of natural wood with all the maintenance-free advantages of a ceramic tile.